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Coconut Shell Charcoal Manufacturers Indonesia

Pt. Indocharcoal produces premium quality coconut charcoal since 2013. Our factory based in Jepara, on Java island, Indonesia.

Pure Coconut Shell Materials

Indonesia is in the top list of growing coconut palms country. Around 17.000 tones of coconuts are collected on archipelago annually. We order coconut shells from Sulawesi island for the BLACK COCONUT® charcoal production. This island is famous for its coconut palm plantations and the biggest productions coconuts all over the South-East Asia as well. During the formula research and calculation we found out that the Sulawesi coconuts shell have the most ideal characteristics for the production of a premium quality charcoal for hookah or shisha.

Laboratory Tested

According to a perfect density ratio of charcoal pressing, natural glue, the shape of the cubes and no mixing with any chemical components like spirit or nitrate the Black Coconut charcoal is odorless and doesn’t affect the taste of tobacco.

Our charcoal is nontoxic, ecologically clean and not harming health. We mix coconut shell charcoal with organic glue without adding any kind of wooden charcoal.

Technical Specifications Coconut Shell Charcoal Manufacturers Indonesia
Every consignment passes the quality control on all the steps of production process. BLACK COCONUT® charcoal is certified with an international organisation SUCOFINDO®, the result are shown on the list above. We also send our coconut charcoal to advance users to make tasting and have got only positive reports from the expert hookah smokers who tested our charcoal.


Cubes 2.2 cm | 100 pcs/box, weight +- 1 kgs
Cubes 2.5 cm | 72 pcs/box, weight +- 1 kgs
Flat Square 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 cm | 112 pcs/box, weight +- 1 kgs

Packaging of Coconut Shell Charcoal Manufacturers Indonesia

From our point of view it is better to smoke hookah with clean and qualified charcoal or not to smoke hookah at all. Contact us to know more about production.